Due Diligence

KCH provides a broad range of services to buyers and sellers including financial, tax due diligence, and other post-acquisition services. We are committed to assisting our clients in making sound business decisions. We focus on the most significant factors that affect deals and the risks associated with the transaction.

At KCH, we understand that no two transactions are alike. Each transaction presents unique risks to the parties involved. Our transaction due diligence approach is flexible and tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to identify and customize appropriate procedures to address the transaction risks and mitigate deal surprises.

We use an integrated and comprehensive due diligence approach to identifying key transaction risks and provide timely responses to meet the needs of your transaction. We help analyze value and investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the targeted business to help you effectively manage acquisition risks and negotiate from a position of strength.

Buy and Sell Side Financial Due Diligence

  • Quality of Earnings and Cash Flow Exposures
  • Quality of Assets and Other Balance Sheet Exposures
  • Working Capital Analysis & Reconciliation
  • Forecast Analysis Compared to Historical Results
  • Stand Alone Entity and Carve-Out Analysis
  • Sales and Production Backlog Analysis
  • Financial Policies and Procedures Analysis
  • Sales and Production Backlog Analysis

Tax Due Diligence

  • Historical Federal Tax Exposure
  • State and Local Tax Exposures
  • Asset, Stock and Other Tax Structure Analysis
  • Advise on Post-acquisition Tax Minimization
  • ASC 740 (FIN 48) Analysis
  • Section 382 Loss Limitation Analysis

Post-Acquisition Services

  • Working Capital Analysis and Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet Account Analysis
  • Purchase Price Adjustments
  • Dispute Arbitration Support
  • Integration Services